About Us

Fit & Functional

Peach Nation was created for you, the  busy woman who wants to take charge of her health and fitness.  You want to be fit without spending hours doing cardio or working out...and you want to be able to walk after your workout.  Yeah, we get it.  We need to be functional the next day too.  You don't want to starve either, and neither do we...so our meal plans allow you to eat real food without eliminating your favorites like carbs.  

  Our members  have jobs, sometimes 2 jobs, big families and all sorts of responsibilities.  We listen closely and provide a fitness plan or plans that will get them to their goals.   We will listen to what you are hoping to achieve and if you aren't sure, we can gently guide you there too.  Membership in our group provides advice, fitness challenges, custom workout programs,  health and fitness information, friendship, discussions and chats, guidance, book reviews, recipes, fun, prizes, fitness shop discounts, and so much more.

Most of all, we want you to have fun on your fitness journey.