Mind Over Muscle Challenge

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Challenge your mind as well as your body with this 12 week full body fitness and nutrition program designed for anyone who needs to get their head in the game and stay on track.

  • Date: 4/8/2019 08:00 AM - 6/30/2019 12:00 AM

Price: $9.99


Our mind is the strongest, most powerful "muscle' we can train.  It is imperative that we  engage our mind in the journey to a more health-filled future.

This challenge will include 12 weeks of daily workouts as is usual, with workouts changing every 4 weeks... however, you will find a few other components added to help you overcome some of the mental obstacles that often creep in and sabotage your healthy lifestyle.

We will help you reframe your thinking and will ask you to journal your feelings as well as your sleep, water, and food. We will help you see this as a positive journey towards whatever fitness goal you may have.

Our minds need to be actively engaged or it tends to daydream and fixate on things that are not always helpful.  You will need to be mindful of the "self-talk" habits you have throughout the day and commit to changing the negative statements to positive ones.

You are worth the time, effort, and energy it takes to create a healthy lifestyle.  You are the only one who can do it.  You are the only one who can prevent yourself from doing it as well.

In this challenge, you are worth it!  You deserve it!  You can make it happen!