Benefits Of Sprouted Grains

30 May

Research is minimal regarding sprouted grains.  However, the sprouting process does make them more nutritional than just plain grains.

A sprouted grain occurs when the seed has partially begun the growth process.  During this process there is a greater availability of folate, vitamin C and iron. The great thing about sprouting is that it reduces the carbohydrates and increases the protein available. Another benefit of sprouting is  the grains will contain as much as  three times the fiber content as non sprouted grains and lower levels of gluten.

Here are a few health benefits for some different sprouted grains:

  1. Sprouted Buckwheat protects against fatty liver disease

  2. Sprouted Brown rice fights diabetes

  3. Sprouted Brown rice decreases fatigue and depression in nursing mothers

  4. Sprouted Brown rice reduces cardiovascular risk

  5. Sprouted Barley is linked to decreases blood pressure

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